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FELIWAY® uses feline natural reassuring messages to help cats adjust to pet owners’ modern lifestyles. They recognise cats’ needs for their own territory, exploratory space, companionship, comfort and stimulation, and provide products that enable cats to feel safe, happy and at home.

The pheromones in FELIWAY® communicate in the same way that cats communicate naturally. These pheromones convey ‘happy messages’, ‘harmony messages’ and ‘territory messages’. If a cat owner notices their cat is spraying, scratching furniture, hiding away, not eating, over-grooming or fighting with other cats, their cat may be displaying signs of stress and discomfort. Spraying or diffusing FELIWAY® in the cat’s home environment releases natural pheromones and creates a state of familiarity and security, allowing him or her to calm down and refrain from displaying stressful behaviours.

FELIWAY® comes in a contact spray as well as a diffuser with a refill.