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Feeding time can bring out your dog’s most charming or most quirky behaviour. Some dogs feel the need to guzzle their food in one go, while others are grazers and nibblers, only needing a small portion of food at a time. Also, if it’s feeding time and you’re not around, you can still make sure your pup gets his meal. No matter what the need, Pet Hero will guide the feed.

How do automatic dog feeders work?

An automatic dog feeder will dispense the right quantity of your dog’s food at a given time. You can set a timer to determine when your dog has access to his next portion of food. Nifty and convenient!

Are gravity feeders good for dogs?

Gravity feeders are a convenient way for you to ensure your dog has enough to eat when you aren’t at home for feeding times. Gravity feeders work by refilling your dog’s bowl when he’s finished his current portion. Just watch out for unnecessary weight gain if Spot learns that all he has to do to get more food… is eat!

What is the best automatic dog feeder?

Automatic dog feeders are a great way to keep your dog in a feeding routine, even if you’re not physically at home for feeding times. For frequent, regulated feeding, we recommend the Petsafe Automatic Feeders and M-Pets Dispensers. These dispensers are all top quality, durable dispensers and are designed to carry an adequate amount of food for prolonged feeding.