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LickiMat SloDog is not only a stylish dog feeder and a boredom buster, but it also assists your dog in healthier eating habits and aids his dental and digestional health. The LickiMat SloDog prolongs mealtimes, making them more entertaining and enjoyable. It increases the release of saliva which promotes healthy digestion, and dental care. Prolonged licking also enhances the release of endorphins, a calming hormone, which will help your dog to destress and relax while enjoying his meal and treat times.

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LickiMat SloDog is a fun and functional bone-shaped dog feeder mat, specially designed by veterinarians to allow your dog to enjoy small amounts of food or treats over a longer period of time. The LickiMat SloDog is ergonomically designed to prolong your canine’s meal and treat times while restricting him from overeating and becoming bloated. It promotes the cleaning of his gums and teeth and enhances the release of endorphins, a calming hormone, which will aid your dog in better mental health. Satisfied and happy dog with a fresher breath. 

LickiMat SloDog is an excellent tool to use when you need to distract your dog when he tends to get stressed, e.g. when taking your dog to the grooming parlour or distracting him when he goes for a visit to the vet. It can also be used as an alternative way of supplying him with supplements or medication.

The LickiMat SloDog is durable and constructed with non-toxic food-grade TPR and recycled polypropylene. It is freezer safe, and a great way to prolong treat or meal times by freezing first. A more enjoyable, longer and healthier way to feed your dog.

The LickiMat SloDog is microwave safe, giving you the opportunity to warm up food or treats on the LickiMat SloDog safely for your dog.

The LickiMat SloDog is available in the colours pink and turquoise.

Have your dog feed and treat in style. Spread it out: reduce his calorie intake – prolong his mealtime. Pleasurable treats and mealtimes.


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