Cosmic Pets Pet Stairs for Small to Medium Sized Dogs

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These plastic pet stairs will help your elderly or injured pooch reach their favourite spot on the bed or couch without needing your help. They are only recommended for small to medium size dogs.

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The Pet Stairs are an attractive, affordable way to help your injured or elderly pet reach their favourite high places, like beds or the couch. Their modern styling blends well in any home.

The Pet Stairs are super lightweight, weighing only 2.6kg and will support up to 30kg. No assembly required and will fold down for secure storage, like under the couch or bed.  The stairs have safety side rails that at built into the design to allow you pet to climb up and down with confidence.  When not in use, the steps can fold down for easy storage.

The stairs are durable but are recommended for small- to medium-sized pets, due to the size of the stair tread.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Shipping dimensions 58 × 38 × 48 cm

Cosmic Pets


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Breed Size

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Volumetric weight 21.16 kg

Features / Benefits

  • Helps pets reach their favourite places
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Modern styling
  • Built-in safety side rails
  • Non-skid feet included
  • No assembly required
  • Cleans easily with mild detergent
  • Super lightweight at only 2.6 kg.

Training you pet

Step 1

Place the stairs near the couch or bed where your pet likes to use. Allow your pet to approach the stairs on their own, but give them a treat when they get close to the stairs.

Step 2

When your pet touches the stairs with their paw or nose, praise them and give them a treat. Continue doing this until your pet confidently climbs the stairs to their spot on the couch or bed.

Step 3

When your pet is sitting comfortably on their spot, ask them to come back down the stairs, coaxing them with treats and praising them all the time.  When they start coming down the stairs, move away, giving them plenty of space. Once down, treat and praise a few times.


If your pet is still uncomfortable after steps 1 to 3, repeat. They will eventually get used to using them.


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