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Cosmic PetsTM is a wholesale supplier of pet carriers and crates, pet pens, cat trees and accessories, raised dog beds and car ramps, a very wide variety of toys, pet hygiene products and other accessories. Cosmic PetsTM strongly believes in a unique bond between each and every pet and their owner, and work hard to cement that connection with care and wellbeing.

Cosmic PetsTM has been in business in South Africa since 2006 and attributes its success to its pet-approved and people-friendly products. It supplies more than 500 retailers, pet shops, vets and vet shops and pet care professionals throughout the country, having a very wide reach with its customers and their pets. Cosmic PetsTM is also committed to improving the quality of life of pets in shelters and actively supports worthy causes like Kitty and Puppy Haven and the Cataholics Kitty Shelter.
Find your favourite Cosmic PetsTM products on Pet Hero, including their convenient collapsible carriers, a fantastic range of Zippy Paws plush toys and games, as well as pet odour and stain sprays amongst many others!