Virbac Allercalm Shampoo


Allercalm is a shampoo that is designed for the routine hygiene in dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with sensitive and dry skin. It is a gentle, soap-free, natural oatmeal shampoo.

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What is Virbac Allercalm Shampoo?

Allercalm Shampoo will soothe your dog, cat, puppy or kitten’s skin.  The shampoo is perfect for sensitive and dry skin.

Why should I buy this product?

Allercalm is a shampoo with colloidal oat extract to take care of damaged, itchy skin. The shampoo has been proven to soothe and protect with the effect of colloidal Oats to moisturise, to form a film and to restore skin.

Which ingredients are used in Allercalm Shampoo?

Allercalm contains spherulites, which is a new capsule system to provide an evenly sustained and controlled release of ingredients on the skins’ surface.

Chitosanid is a natural biopolymer that forms a fine protective layer on the skin and skin surface (film-forming)

From what age can use this on my pets?

Allercalm Shampoo is suitable for Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

What are the package sizes available?

Allercalm comes in a 250 ml bottle.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

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Cat, Dog



  • Allercalm is an oatmeal derivative shampoo.

  • The shampoo is designed to soothe, cleanse and control mild itch of dry and sensitive skin in dogs cats, kittens and puppies.


Use only as directed

Using warm water, wet the coat thoroughly and apply Allercalm. Massage Allercalm into the wet coat and rinse. Repeat and allow the second application to remain on the coat for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use weekly or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.

Wet the pet thoroughly before applying the shampoo.
Diluting the shampoo in a jug of warm water makes it much easier to distribute the shampoo over the body.
The pet may also need to be washed with a hypo-allergenic shampoo before the first wash with our medicated shampoos in order to remove excess dirt.
Administration and Dosage Table
Recommended Program
Week 1 2 Shampoos
Week 2 2 Shampoos
Week 3 2 Shampoos
Week 4 1 Shampoo
Bodyweight (kg) Body Surface (m²) Selected dose (ml) how many dosing caps
5 0.29 10 ⅓ cap
10 0.46 15 ½ cap
15 0.6 20 ⅔ cap
20 0.74 25 1 cap
30 0.96 30 1 cap
>50 1.55 50 2 caps


Aqua, Gentle cleansing agents, Colloidal oatmeal, Glycotechnology (Rhamnose, Galactose, Mannose, Lauryl glucoside), Defensin technology (Peumus boldus leaf extract, Spiraea ulmaria extract).


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