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When should you get pet stairs or a pet ramp for your dog?

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When we adopt a new puppy or young dog, they usually come bounding into our lives full of energy and zest, looking like they can take on the world with the kind of built-in enthusiasm that only a pup can embody! We don’t think of them getting old and slowing down, or having aches and pains that may restrict their movement. But it’s an unfortunate reality for many dogs – one that pre-empts the need for some form of assistance to hop up and down from furniture, get in and out of the car, and simply get on with daily life. Enter, pet ramps and pet stairs, and when you should get them.

1. Your dog’s size

When there’s nothing wrong with your dog, but his pedigree may make life a little difficult, perhaps pet stairs or a pet ramp will help. Dachshunds, corgis, and teeny-tiny miniature breeds may find adapting to the big world quite a lot tougher than, say, Labradors or greyhounds. If your littlest pet needs to take a daring run-up to get up on the couch, or their legs aren’t long enough to comfortably help them to step off the patio, then a pet ramp or pet stairs are the ideal solution. Why risk your poor pup injuring himself just so he can keep up with you?

Not only do Dachshunds fall into the small breed category, but they are notoriously at risk for back problems. Any jarring movements (like jumping down from the car or your bed) may end up giving your sausage dog a lot of pain, and may sometimes even require surgery, amping up your vet bills to crazy heights. A pet ramp or pet stairs are a minor cost for a whole lot of benefit in the long run!

Cosmic Pets Pet Stairs for Small to Medium Sized Dogs are a great solution for your small dog’s ‘height handicap’. These pet stairs have non-skid feet, safety side rails and can easily fold down when they’re not being used. The stairs are conveniently easy to clean, super lightweight and have a modern design to suit any household.

2. Your dog’s age

Just like humans, dogs suffer from more aches and pains as they age. The best way to protect your ageing dog on the inside is by giving her the best nutrition to support her joints, muscles and ligaments, adding a joint supplement to her diet, and by ensuring she gets moderate daily exercise. You can also ‘soften the blow’ to her ageing joints by providing a pet ramp for the car or for the couch.

Even if you don’t allow your dog on the furniture, it will help her joints if you raised her own dog bed off the ground. Not only will this not expose her to colder air on the floor, but it will make lying down and standing up a little easier on her joints, especially if you add a pet ramp to help on the ascent and descent.

The Single Pet Ramp from Cosmic Pets is ideal for small to medium dogs, to support their climb onto the couch or to get in and out of the car. The Folded Plastic Pet Ramp is perfect for small, medium and large dogs up to 80kg and is ideal for easy access to the car or bakkie. It can then be folded away and transported to be used again at your destination.

3. Your dog’s breed

As much as breeding associations and the requirements for health certificates have become stricter over the years, there are still pedigreed breeds (and pavement specials, for that matter) that end up with breed-specific joint and ligament problems. Degenerative joint disease (DJD), osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia are the most common problems, even in young dogs of certain pedigree. Many giant breeds like Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, Great Danes and various mastiffs are prone to ligament tears and joint degeneration, simply because of their large size. Rottweilers, German shepherds, and some border collies and retrievers are known for their hip and elbow dysplasia issues, and would also benefit from assistance in ascending and descending obstacles.

The Folded Plastic Pet Ramp from Cosmic Pets is the perfect solution for protecting your small, medium or large dog (up to 60kg) from injury. It’s a conveniently foldable and lightweight ramp – the ideal travel companion for your best buddy to help him get into and out of the car, so you can get the most out of your big adventure without worrying about your dog’s back or joints.

If you have any questions or need a recommendation on the best assistance for your pet, speak to your vet so that you can provide the most ideal care for your beloved pet.

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