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Pets’ Winter Diet

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As it gets a little colder out there and the days become shorter and the nights longer, there are some days where it takes a lot to just get out of bed, let alone rug up the energy to take the dog for a walk around the block or to play a game with the cat.

During the winter time we as humans LOVE cosiness and boy oh boy, yummy comfort food! As the temperature starts to drop, so does our body temperature, thus we eat some warm food for the heart and soul and throw on a few extra layers to warm up. We begin to wonder if we should start feeding our pets more, so that they have a little extra fat to keep them warm. While our pets have fur to keep them warm, some of them would prefer to stay in front of the heater. Before you know it, you’ve both skipped a lot of exercise time and you and your fur babies are looking a little pudgy.

While the South African winter can be miserable, it has nowhere near the harsh conditions experienced in other countries. In areas of extreme cold, dogs that are dwelling outdoor and active working dogs like sled or hunting dogs, require more fat in their diets to increase their body temperatures during their working season. These dogs are fed more high-protein meals to provide them with more calories.

So the question to ask is: do our domesticated pets really need to eat more during winter? The general answer is no. You may add or top up on some omega 3 and 6 in your pets’ diets during winter months. This can help relieve dry flaky skin and ease arthritis pain brought on by the cold conditions. Proper hydration is also essential for optimal health during the winter. Be sure to have clean, fresh water supply available for your pet at all times.

If at anytime you are concerned about your dog’s weight or eating habits, call you local vet, they will know what will work best for your pet. Afterall they know them inside and out. In the meantime keep warm and enjoy your hot chocolate in front of the fireplace with your loving fur babies.

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