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How to choose the best dog food

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Ensuring your dog has good quality food and that her nutritional needs are met is one of the best ways of looking after her overall doggy health. Your pup is part of the family and since you wouldn’t allow other family members to gorge on unhealthy food, your dog’s food should also be nutritionally sound. So how do you choose good dog food?

Quality control

There are many different types of dog food available – from super premium dog food, which comes with a premium price tag, to good quality dog food that is priced in the mid-range, to dog food that checks the basic nutritional boxes and is classed as ‘economy’. Your choice of dog food should be a balance of the best food for your dog’s health and wellbeing and that you can afford.

What is the healthiest type of dog food?

One of the best things you can do for your dog is to feed her a super premium dog food. These foods are based on a scientific formulation of all the right food groups and nutrients and are made from the highest quality ingredients. These foods support your dog’s health by strengthening her immune system, supporting her joints and bones, and ensuring a healthy digestive system. The benefits of high-quality dog food will also become apparent in your dog’s healthy skin and sleek and shiny coat. Can you put a price on that?

What is the best dog food you can afford?

If you like the idea of feeding your dog a super premium diet, but the price makes it unsustainable, then there are a substantial number of good quality dog foods in the mid-range that are priced well and considered to be affordable. The rule of thumb that all dog owners need apply is that you should buy the best dog food you can afford. Your dog will still get a healthy, balanced diet, but it’s important to check the label and ensure it’s the right diet for your special pup. If you need help choosing the best dog food you can afford, get your vet’s dog food recommendation.

Which dog food brand should you choose?

The pet food industry in South Africa is very competitive, so the various brands have a lot at stake if they make promises they can’t keep. Brand positioning in the industry is a reliable way to gauge the quality of a dog food, but do your research on the brand you’re interested in and look out for any recalls, past or present.

If you are not satisfied with the information provided on the dog food label, do additional research. Look up the company’s website for more information or call their customer service department or a representative. Any reputable company with a quality product will be happy to engage with its customers.

Get your vet’s opinion

Dog foods aimed at meeting your dog’s nutritional needs and supporting joint, organ and digestive health will be indicated as such on the label. Their ingredients will be made up of high-quality proteins, fats, grains and added vitamins and minerals, while avoiding artificial flavouring, colourants and preservatives. Still, your dog may suffer from allergies or have a sensitivity to her environment that can be managed with a special diet. It’s so important to involve your vet in this discussion as they will be able to recommend a feeding protocol in your dog’s best interests. Always ask your vet for their advice when choosing a new dog food for your furry friend.

Young pup or old pooch?

Look out for a dog food that caters to the life stages of dogs. Puppies, adult dogs and seniors all have different nutritional requirements. Feeding your dog the right nutrients for her age will ensure optimal health and wellbeing, and may improve her quality of life as she ages. Some breeds of dog age faster than others – giant breeds are considered seniors at a younger age than smaller breeds. When getting a recommendation from your vet, ask for advice on your pet’s life stage too.

Feed your special four-legged family with the right food and tons of love!

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