Bird Cages

Domestic birds make wonderful pets, but they need a lot of care and attention for them to live long, healthy and stimulated lives. Bird cages should be seen as your pet birds’ sanctuary, so they must be clean, spacious and interesting.

How to clean a bird cage

While cleaning a bird cage needs to be done regularly, it does not need to be complicated. Find a safe, comfortable place for your birds, and clean their cage when it’s empty. Either wipe or spray down the cage using only mild soapy water and rinse it thoroughly afterwards.

What to put on the bird cage floor

The liner of your bird cage floor must be changed every day, so it needs to be economical. Newspaper is the ideal solution, as it is absorbent and easy to replace. Make sure you use quite a few layers to catch all potential messes.

Do you need to cover a bird cage at night?

Covering your bird cage at night calms them down and encourages a regular sleep pattern, which is important for your birds’ health. NEVER cover them as punishment for being noisy, as this can lead to stress and behavioural issues.

Where should I put my bird cage?

Your bird cage should ideally be in a well-lit position, at chest height, with at least one side of the cage against a wall to give your birds a sense of security. Birds like to interact, so the cage should be in a central place in your home where they will get lots of attention. Placing the cage near a window may give your birds something interesting to look at or it may make them feel too vulnerable to birds of prey, other pets, or storms – see what your birds prefer.

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