Marltons Sandsheets


Marltons Sandsheets is an easy why to keep the bottom of your bird cage hygienic.  It also helps wear down beak and unkept claws naturally.

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Keeping the bottom of your bird cage clean is easy with Marltons Sanded sheets. The Sheets come in 4 different sizes, so finding the right size is not a big problem.

Sand sheets are used on the bottom of the bird cage, not only to easily clean the bottom of the bird cage, but the sanded sheets will also file down their claws and beaks naturally.  The Sanded Sheets can be changed more often to provide a healthier environment for your bird.  The gravel on the sheets also aids with digestion, but only in bigger birds

Do not use for any hookbills, like Budgies, Cockatiels or lovebirds, as their feet are small and tender and the gravel may cause skin ailments or cuts.




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  • Easy to keep cage clean
  • Hygienic
  • helps with digestion in big parrots


Use for the bottom of cages.  Remove and replace with a new sand sheet twice a week.


Size 1  –  210 x 325 mm – 6 in a pack

Size 5 – 550 x 550 mm – 4 in a pack

Size 6 – 250 x 400 mm – 6 in a pack

Size 8 – 330 x 500 mm – 4 in a pack.


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