zaFish – Interactive Flopping Lobster


zaFish – Interactive Flopping Lobster is a flipping cool life-like sea creature that will provide your indoor feline with the great mental and physical stimulation she needs to rid her of her bottled-up energy.

zaFish-Interactive Lobster is a  Cat toy fitted with a motion sensor, which has 3 realistic movement modes. Made with a soft durable fabric and fitted with a pouch filled with catnip this fish will not get away without some serious tail-flapping fun.

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zaFish – Interactive Flopping Lobster is an ingenious artistic tech toy that imitates a life-size, stranded lobster. The tail flap has 3 realistic movement modes that will entice and intrigue your kitty to practise her natural hunting skills, providing her with a space to channel her bottled-up energy and helping her to destress and relax.

The zaFish-Interactive Lobster is made with soft fabric that is gentle on your kitty’s paws.  A porous re-fillable catnip bag will lure your cat to suss out the lobster, activating the motion sensor that will bring about some serious tail-flapping fun.

When it is not moved after a motion cycle the zaFish-Interactive Lobster will go into auto-sleep until it detects motion again. When it is left on auto-sleep motion the battery will last longer – only switch it off in case you travel or puts it in storage.
The zaFish-Interactive Lobster is fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery that charges through a standard Micro USB cable charger. (User Guide included)
When fully charged the light will turn green and The zaFish- Interactive Lobster will be set for 150 movement cycles. It takes one hour to charge.
To re-fill the catnip pull apart the velcro strips, on the side of the zaFish-Interactive Lobster and insert the catnip bag into the pocket.
The zaFish-Interactive Lobster will mentally and physically stimulate your indoor feline friend.

The zaFish-Interactive Lobster is best suited for medium to large adult cats.

Please note that this fish is not meant for water play as it is NOT water resistant.

zaFish-Interactive Lobster comes in the dimension 36 cm x 6 cm x 25 cm.

Give this mobster Lobster a cat-astic experience!

Pounce, claw, kick, bite, jump Repeat.

Note that a Lobster Shell for zaFish is available in-store to replace the worn-out outer cover.

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Weight 0.18 kg
Shipping dimensions 36 × 6 × 25 cm


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Volumetric weight 1.08 kg


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