zaBird Rod Cat Toy Refill – Guinea Fowl


Looking for a new attachment refill for your cat’s zaBird Rod? Why not try the zaBird Rod Cat Toy Refill Guinea Fowl? The zaBird Guinea Fowl refill is the original refill for the zaBird Rod and gets any couch potato off the sofa in no time at all.

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Give yovariousiety of options and choices when it’s time to refill and replace the front of her cat toy rod. Try this attachment with real Guinea Fowl feathers, which will catch your feline’s attention no matter what. The zaBird Rod Cat Toy Refill Guinea Fowl is quick and easy to replace by usiattached clipd to it. All you have to do is open it up, put in the replacement refill, and you are ready to continue playtime!

When this zaBird Rod Cat Toy Refill Guinea Fowl moves around and gets launched through the air, it will make a sound just like a flapping bird would in real life. This fun and exciting attachment will rotate as you pull it through the air just like a ‘bird’; all possible through the well-designed two curved guinea fowl feathers. Make your cat’s playtime experience so much more!

The zaBird Rod Cat Toy Refill Guinea Fowl offers easy, interchangeable attachments. You can bond and create many memories with your best friend. This attachmen will keep your feline happy, active, entertained and l times. Make sure when your cat does catch this Rod Cat Toy Refill to take it away immediately and start round two as soon as possible.

Please note when your not using the zaBird Rod Cat Toy Refill Guinea Fowl and rod, please put it away. Also, remember never to leave your cat unattended with the Cat Toy Refill. This refill is easily collapsible, so you can pack it away in a cupboard, drawer or any space where your cat cannot find it or get to it. This toy is so addictive she’ll sure try to find it.

This Cat Refill is a catch-and-release toy and not a catch-and-chew toy.

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