Westerman’s Suet Snack Ball


Westman’s Suet Snack Ball is perfectly made for wild birds to snack on throughout the day. The amazing treat helps in providing birds with calories and high energy.

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Westerman’s Suet Snack Ball is suitable for outdoor wild birds and is made to fit in a suet ring.

With its quality ingredients, including vegetable oil, peanut butter and assorted grains, it is guaranteed that you will have very energetic birds and a clean garden, as the birds will be feeding on all the insects as well.

Wild birds will flock to your garden all year round. Suet balls are essential in winter, especially for birds not migrating. The suet will provide a bit of fat so they can survive those cold winter months.

Available in a single ball or a bulk pack of 12 balls

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  • Good source of energy
  • Help against garden insects

Feeding Guidelines / Usage

  • Put the balls in a suet feeding cage feeder and hang in your garden.
  • Used to feed and attract other wild birds to your garden.


Vegetable oil, peanut butter, assorted grains


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