TropiClean Stay Away Pet Chew Deterrent Spray


TropiClean’s Stay Away Pet Chew Deterrent Spray is so bitter it will stop your pets from wanting to chew, lick or bite anything that it’s been sprayed on. Use this deterrent spray to keep wounds, shoes, furniture, plants and anything else that shouldn’t be licked or chewed, safe.

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TropiClean’s Stay Away Pet Chew Deterrent Spray is made for puppies, dogs, cats and any other pets that insist on chewing the things they shouldn’t. This extremely bitter formula will make your chewy pets think twice about licking wounds (or biting stitches), or about munching on your shoes, furniture or houseplants.

While ‘Stay Away’ may be extremely bitter, it’s quite safe for the wounds, plants or other objects it’s sprayed on – and safer even after it deters your pets from their chewing impulses. It’s made with natural ingredients and is alcohol-free, so there’s no sting when sprayed on wounds or hot spots while they heal.

TropiClean’s Stay Away Pet Chew Deterrent Spray is available in a 236 ml bottle.






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Cat, Dog


  • Purified water
  • Organic blend of bitter extracts and BITRIX.


  • Alcohol-free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Bottle size: 236 ml.


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