Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads


A new cuddly fluffy puppy is so cute and adorable, BUT they also come with their own challenge when often not being house-trained. And literally putting your foot in it is definitely not on, right? The Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads can solve your extra hygiene problem to assist you in house-train your pet-precious. Available in 4 different sizes, the Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads are ideal for a tiny puppy to a medium puppy or even an older kitty cat.

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The Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads can encourage your puppy to potty in the right place. These Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads create an appropriate potty area in your puppy’s long-term confinement zone, helping them learn to go to the bathroom away from their kennel or dog bed.

The Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads are made of long fibrous, natural cellulose and extremely absorbent material and are ideal for your new cuddly puppy’s fast and effective training.

The Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads can also be used in dog baskets or beds in case of incontinence, as it has a foil base impermeable to moisture. The sealed rim prevents moisture from escaping. The Trixie Nappy Puppy Pads offer effective absorbency. Simply choose where you want your dog to go, unfold the pad and place it on the floor with the plastic side down.

Suggestions to potty pad train your puppy:

  • Restrict your pet-precious puppy access inside the house. Keep her on a leash with you, on an easy-to-clean floor or in a properly-sized kennel;
  • No punishment;
  • Set up her “alone” room;
  • Feed your cuddly fat-bellied pet on a schedule;
  • Take her to her pad regularly and wait for her to go.

30 x 50 cm contains 7 pads
40 x 60 cm contains 7 pads
60 x 90 cm contains 8 pads
60 x 60 contains ten pads

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  • Can also be used in dog baskets or beds in case of incontinence;
  • Sealed rim prevents moisture from escaping;
  • Made of long fibrous, natural cellulose;
  • 4 different sizes.


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