Tetramin Weekend/Holiday Fish Food Sticks


Tetramin Weekend/Holiday Fish Food Sticks provide a complete, balanced diet with no plaster or indigestible binding agents. This safe and convenient fish food releases food gradually over several days; thus, you can leave your fish unattended for at least six days.

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The Tetramin Weekend/Holiday Fish Food Sticks only dissolve when fish feed from them, so the tank’s water is not polluted or murky. These food sticks with Tetra’s BioActive formula are 100% edible and contain all the essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals your fish need to stay healthy.

Tetramin Weekend/Holiday Fish Food Sticks are enriched with daphnia making feeding time for your fish a particularly tasty experience.

Tetramin Weekend/Holiday Fish Food Sticks are available in a 9 g packet.

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Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for tropical fish;
  • Enhances fish vitality, colour and lifespan;
  • Added prebiotics to improve digestion;
  • Waste is minimised and water is clearer, which makes for easier maintenance of your aquarium.


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