Sprogley Bird Toy Dream Catcher


The Bird Toy Dream Catcher is a good option for alert birds who love to play and forage. It is an engaging, colourful plastic bird toy that will keep your parakeet, lovebird, or cockatiel entertained while encouraging independence and a bright mind. Play Away, the Sprogley Way!

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The Bird Toy Dream Catcher from Sprogley is proudly designed for small to medium-sized birds. Whether your feathered friend enjoys picking, preening, chewing, swinging or foraging, the ideal bird toy is right here. Birds need to chew, which is a natural instinct and important to birds’ mental and physical well-being.

With all the bright, different plastic parts, your feathered friend is sure to enjoy exploring and shaking this toy. This bird toy is constructed out of safe, durable, non-toxic plastic. It has a plastic hook for safe, secure mounting in any bird cage.

Plastic bird toys generally last longer than all the other toy types. They brighten up cages, give visual stimulation and are still fun for birds to play with.

Trust Sprogley in designing quality bird toys chosen with your bird’s safety in mind, bringing the biggest range of bird toys for all sizes of pet birds.

Features and Benefits

  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic.
  • It can be hung in the birdcage for decoration.
  • It is suitable for birds’ physical and mental health.
  • Cleans and smooth paws and beak.


Additional information

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Usefil Tips

  • Supervise birds at play.
  • If your plastic bird toy gets worn out, replace it immediately!
  • Be sure to fill your parrot cages with lots of wood to chew for optimum beak health!


Non-toxic plastic


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