Smart Choice Deshedding Undercoat Grooming Brush


Remove dirt and loose hair from your pet’s coat by using the Smart Choice Deshedding Undercoat Grooming Brush. The removal of dirt and loose hair helps your pet feel cooler and cleaner, especially in hot summer months.

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Short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair – just as long as your pet-baby has hair!

Confused about the difference between an Undercoat Grooming Brush such as the Smart Choice Deshedding Undercoat Grooming Brush and a Rake Grooming Brush?

In short, undercoat grooming brushes can be used on a wet or dry pet coat. Undercoat brushes have many small, sharp, curved blades set close together that remove the undercoat. They are available in a variety of tooth widths, making this tool suitable for a wide range of breeds. Rake Grooming Brushes are designed to pull out dead coats and shed fur with ease without damaging the healthy coat.

Suitable for both cats and dogs, this brush comes in handy when you want to remove dead hair and tangles from the undercoat of your pet.

Suitable for pets with medium to long coats featuring a soft grip handle for easy use.

The Smart Choice Deshedding Undercoat Grooming Brush has a push button to remove hair to give this tool self-cleaning features.

It is recommended that you always use this grooming rake downwards and in the outer direction. Be patient and take time to remove the tangles to avoid pulling your pet’s skin.

Brushing is an important step to perform before using a de-shedding tool on your pet to remove tangles and small mats. This undercoat grooming brush is ideal for pets with thick fur and double coats, as the rotating teeth detangle dense fur with minimised tugging.

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Weight 0.1 kg

Smart Choice


Cat, Dog



  • Self-cleaning;
  • Removes large amounts of loose hair from your pet’s undercoat;
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat;
  • Soft grip handle for extra comfort and support.


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