Rosewood Salon Grooming Mini-Flea Comb


Mini flea comb. Suitable for all coat types. Removes fleas, nits and debris.

Get rid of those pesky fleas and nits immediately with this Rosewood Salon Grooming Mini-Flea comb.

The mini-flea comb has very tightly spaced teeth allowing the comb to trap and remove fleas, flea eggs and flea ‘dirt’ from your pet’s fur.  The tightly spaced teeth are also useful for picking up and removing any dander, dirt or other debris from your pet’s fur.

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  • Quickly detects fleas on your pet
  • Removes adult fleas giving immediate relief to your pet.
  • The perfect way to remove fleas if your pet has a sensitivity to flea products.
  • Removes fleas, eggs, and flea dirt.

How to use:

  • First, brush your pet with a normal brush or comb to loosen any knots. Trying to loosen knots with a flea comb will cause pain to your pet and discomfort. Your pet will hate you afterwards.
  • Keep a container with hot water and a little dishwashing liquid
  • Comb your pet outside.  Fleas jump! And eggs will fall off. So comb out away from any carpet the may lead to another flea outbreak.
  • Make sure your pet is comfortable. If your pet is not used to the attention, perhaps you would like someone to help hold her down.
  • Start at the head and neck region, give the whole body a gentle comb, take your time. Cover all areas.
  • The tummy is a common area where fleas like to hang out.
  • Check your comb often, if you see fleas dunk into the hot water solution.
  • Soon you will have a flea-free feline or canine.


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