Rosewood Grape ‘n’ Gnaw Toy


Rosewood Grape ‘n’ Gnaw Small Animal Toy is an excellent toy to intrigue your small animal’s forage skills and give him something pet-safe to gnaw on, to his heart’s delight. It is cleverly designed, constructed, assembled and coloured with pet-safe materials to ensure your small animal’s teeth are trimmed and he is mentally stimulated.

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Is your small animal pacing? Is he restless? Is he sleeping a lot? Anxiousness or restlessness, being sleepy or lethargic might be signs of boredom. Not getting enough mental stimulation might lead to stress and cage depression.

To bust boredom and present him with some needed mental stimulation, a great idea is to introduce an intriguing and enticing treat puzzle and gnaw toy.

The Rosewood Grape ‘n’ Gnaw Small Animal Toy is a pet-safe gnaw toy imitating a bunch of grapes to keep your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or pet bird happy and entertained. You can even add some foraging fun by hiding some treats in between the wooden grapes.

The Gnaw toy is an excellent boredom buster that will keep your small animal friend or bird safely entertained while keeping his teeth or beak trimmed and in check.

The Rosewood Grape ‘n’ Gnaw is constructed with kiln-dried pine wood and green rope, coloured with pet-safe dyes and put together with non-toxic glue to ensure that your small animal can safely enjoy his boredom buster toy.

The Rosewood Grape ‘n’ Gnaw toy comes in the dimensions 7 cm x 7 cm x 18 cm and weighs 80 g.

The Rosewood Grape ‘n’ Gnaw is a toy that has excellent longevity. But as we know, no toy is indestructible. Please be advised to keep an eye out for worn-out or damaged toys and remove and replace them. Toys are not a luxury – they are necessities to keep our little buddies well entertained, happy, and stimulated.

Get your small animal friend this intriguing grape gnaw toy and gift him with entertainment and dental care!


Additional information

Weight 0.082 kg
Shipping dimensions 7 × 7 × 18 cm



Bird, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Mice, Parrot, Rabbit, Small Animals, Cat, Dog



Volumetric weight 0.18 kg


  • Supports great teeth
  • Holds dried treats
  • Boredom breaker


Put treats inside the toy at least once or twice per day and watch your pet enjoy chewing and playing.




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