Rosewood Carrot Toy and Treat Holder


The Rosewood Carrot Toy and Treat Holder is a lovely way to keep your small pets entertained and stimulated. The Rosewood Carrot Toy and Treat Holder is a fun puzzle toy that is pet safe and good for intriguing your little animal’s scavenging skills. It is a trendy wooden toy with three wooden carrots that can be removed to play with or gnawed on. It is also fashioned with a Treat Holder where you can put some special treats for him to get after all the exploration and added exercise. The stylish wooden toy and treat holder easily bolts onto your small pet’s cage, allowing you to attach it at an even higher level to improve his skills.

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The Rosewood Carrot Toy and Treat Holder is a lovely half-moon-shaped, trendy addition to your small animal’s cage. It is fashioned with universal bolts that will enable you to securely fit the Toy and Treat Holder to most parts of your small friend’s cage. Place it on higher to ensure that your friend has some additional exercise and motivation to scavenge for a time of fun and treats.

The Rosewood Carrot Toy and Treat Holder has three carrots that can be removed. It is safe to play with and gnaw on as it is made of natural wood and coloured in an eco-friendly way. You can even add your treats to the treat holder to make life more intriguing for your little pet.

Stimulate, entertain and entice your small animal friend to explore the new stylish edition to the cage he calls home and let him enjoy his new fun puzzle toy.

The Rosewood Carrot Toy and Treat Holder is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

The Rosewood Carrot Toy and Treat Holder comes in 25 cm x 15 cm.

Challenge your small pet to new adventures and treat him at the Carrot and Treat exploration station!

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Small Animals


Volumetric weight 0.23 kg


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