Rosewood Aromadog Calm Fleece Dog

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The Rosewood AromadogTM Calm Fleece Dog toy has a secret scented weapon: aromatherapy. Squeak the toy and the aromas of calming essential oils are released to help your dog chill out. It’s a wonderful way to get your dog to calm down through play.

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The Rosewood AromadogTM Calm Fleece Dog toy may look like yet another plush dog toy, but it holds a secret: It’s a revolutionary concept in calming dog toys in that it can calm your dog when they are experiencing:

  • separation anxiety
  • hyperactivity
  • pacing
  • nervousness that leads to destructive behaviour
  • fear response due to loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms)

How does the AromadogTM Calm Fleece Dog toy work?

When your dog squeaks the toy, therapeutic essential oils in the toy release an aroma. The oil blend – called Chill Out Oil – is made up of 100% lavender, sweet marjoram and chamomile that has a soothing effect on pets’ nervousness and helps to calm your dog down.

Give your dog the AromadogTM Calm Fleece Dog toy and watch them calm down with play and aromatherapy that’s activated through that play. 

Size: 23 x 13 x 24 cm (approx.)

Rosewood AromadogTM Toy Series

Patented AromadogTM toys are not just pretty and purple, they are functionally furtastic soothing toys for nervous dogs. Thanks to the work of professional aromatherapists, AromadogTM toys bring calm and serenity to otherwise stressed-out dogs.

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