PetSA Mielie Grit Toy

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What to give your parrot to chew on today? Keeping your feathered pet baby occupied and stimulated, can be quite the challenge. It will keep your always-seeking-attention parrot busy and content, as well as provide an easy way to clean and smooth your talkative birdie’s paws and beak. This PetSA Mielie Grit toy is both a toy AND treat!

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Providing toys that occupy your busy-beaked avian friend and keep it happy and stimulated is one of the never-ending challenges of parrot ownership.

To earn the title, Parrot Pet Owner of the Year, you’ll need to contend with a bird that has the intelligence of a toddler and the attention-seeking abilities to match.

Whether Polly is hanging out on a play stand with the other bird friends or spending some quality time alone in his cage, your favourite feathered friend needs to have something to do, like The PetSA Mielie Grit Toy.

A bored bird is an unhappy bird.

Simply attach The PetSA Mielie Grit Toy to your parrot’s cage and watch as it gets gnawing. Designed with a sturdy rounded perch for your bird to comfortably rest its feet as it chews away.

This toy provides a natural way to clean and smooth your bird’s paws and beak and provides a tasty treat for their satisfaction.

The PetSA Mielie Grit Toy is available in small, medium and large.




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  • Durable and sturdy materials;
  • Treat and toy,
  • Small: 1 ring, Medium: 2 mielies, Large: 2 rings.


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