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Dog Supplements, Horse Supplements and Other Pet Supplements.

Nutriflex is so much more than just a supplement or daily vitamin for your pet. With added next-generation fortified collagen, Nutriflex is scientifically formulated using the correct amount of natural bioactive nutrients.

A daily serving is a great way to improve joint health and well-being!

The amazing transformations in people suffering from chronic joint issues and discomfort inspired Nutriflex. Thus, the light-bulb moment was created for animals suffering from joint issues and discomfort.

What type of products does Nutriflex offer?

  • Nutriflex offers fortified collagen supplements for dogs, puppies, kittens, younger animals and horses.
  • It also offers collagen support for canine athletes.

What sets Nutriflex apart from the rest?

  • It is formulated with human-grade ingredients sourced from nature.
  •  Vet recommended.
  •  High protein content (up to 90%) and essential amino acids.
  •  No synthetic vitamins.
  •  No heavy metal toxicity.
  • Nutriflex is non-acidic and is much more gentle on the gut than regular vitamin C.