Montego XenPet Anti-Itch Spray

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Montego XenPet Anti-Itch Spray with lemon and verbena fresh fragrance is available in a 250 ml spray bottle to assist with refreshing, deodorising, soothing and healing your doggo’s skin while nourishing her coat.

    Montego offers dependable, high-quality pet care with a complete range of premium supplements and grooming products for gentle, effective pet outer care.

    Your dog can suffer from dry skin, skin irritation or even allergy dermatitis. An anti-itch spray such as Montego XenPet Anti-Itch Spray can help soothe, dry and heal moist “hot spots.” Offering relief from itching and helps control the spread of lesions. This anti-itch spray provides immediate soothing relief without the sting.

    If you live in a region with low humidity, it’s more likely that your dog will have dry skin. 

    Offer relief from the itching to your favourite pet friend by spraying with Montego XenPet Anti-Itch Spray and having the full benefit of quality ingredients, and the trusted Montego brand.

    XenPet Anti-Itch Spray is available in a 250 ml spray bottle

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    • Easy application;
    • Trusted Brand;
    • Soothes and calms sensitive skin.


    Montego XenPet Anti-Itch Spray is made with the finest natural ingredients:

    • Witch hazel – relieves discomfort from sensitive skin;
    • Baking soda with lemon verbena- to neutralise odours;
    • Coconut oil – aids the recovery of dry skin and soothes itchiness;
    • Avocado Oil – nourishes the coat and stimulates hair growth.

    Direction for use

    Shake well, apply to coat and leave to dry. General areas that tend to be dry include behind ears, belly area, inside back legs and along the spine—massage during application to assist absorption into the skin.


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