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Do you want to train your pup – but scared that you are going to end up with a fat beggar? Yes, rewarding him with treats for obedience is not always the best way to go. The M-Pets Click Training Tool is a good alternative for reducing and replacing treats while still rewarding your pup for his good behaviour.

Train your pup in a way that will quickly and effectively communicate your appreciation for his obedience. The click that will communicate success. 


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The M-Pets Click Training Tool is the perfect tool to use when training your puppy. The M-Pets Clicking tool provides you with a fantastic click sound that will communicate commands in a quick and effective way. Proven to be a great method whether potty training or obedience training The M-Pets Click Training Tool is a handy instrument in driving the expectations home in a click of the button. It can even be used on cats and birds too. 

To use the tool productively the button must be clicked each time the dog carried out the desired behaviour. The click sound signals a reward sound that will let your pooch know that his behaviour is rewarded.  When initially using the M-Pets Clicking Training tool be sure to use it in combination with treats to show your appreciation for his obedience, but as time goes on reduce and replace the treats with the click – we do not want our pup to become a fat beggar do we?

When using the Click Training Tool, it is important to remember to click immediately after the dog carried out the desired behaviour.

The Click Training Tool is equipped with a wrist strap for easy access when needed. The Click Training Tool is light weight and has great longevity.

 Great for training your dog correctly – using positive reinforcement!    

The Click Training Tool measures 6 x 4 x 1.7 cm. 

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