M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush


M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush will give your pet a double grooming delight. Bonding with your pet while grooming him three or more times a week will allow you to spot check his coat and skin to see if everything is still in order. The M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush will help you rid your pet of dirt, debris and matts as the pins allow for the deep penetrating of his coat, lifting out unwanted extras. The M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush has a Bristle side that will lift out the shedding and dirt, while it will stimulate his blood circulation and distribute his skin’s natural oils that will leave him in a spick and span condition. With the unwanted fur and dirt in the brush, it won’t end up on the floor inside your door. Brush and Bond!


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M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush is a wonderful way of bonding with your best fur friend while you sort out his coat. Not only will the M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Brush leave his coat in a spick and span condition, but you may love seeing how relaxed your fur friend is after the grooming session. Brushing his coat will stimulate blood circulation and release natural oils that will leave his coat shiny and radiant.

Apart from grooming and bonding, a shiny coat and a relaxed dog, the added pay-off is that your house will be less invaded by unwanted fur-fluff.

Grooming your pet with the M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush three times a week will keep his coat neat, clean, shiny and thriving. At the same time, it also allows you to blissfully check him for underlying skin conditions or parasites without having him sit down for a thorough, uncomfortable check-up.

The M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush is suitable for cats and all dog breeds with short, medium or long hair and undercoats.

The M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush is a convenient design that will allow you to give your pet a full grooming session in one go. The Pin side is made of stainless steel and is good at penetrating the coat, and aids in the detangling of matted hair, lifting out the undercoat-shedding and loosening the dirt without damaging the skin. The Bristle side helps lift and remove all the loose hair and debris from the coat, while it stimulates the blood circulation and distributes the released natural oils, which promotes his coat’s health and shine.

The M-Pet’s Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush handle is made of 100% natural bamboo that is sturdy, anti-bacterial and has a good look and great longevity. The M-Pet’s Bamboo Double-Side Pin Brush is eco-friendly, FSC-certified, waterproof and anti-static.

Remember always to be gentle when brushing your fur friend and brush from the head down. Never pull when you come to the matted parts. Gently keep on brushing till it is untangled.

The M-Pets Bamboo Double-Sided Pin Brush is the grooming sensation that will have your dog anticipate the next session.

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