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Gigwi began in 2010 with one goal in mind: to help people and their pets spend hours of fun together. The company is based in Hong Kong and consists of a multinational team with a variety of perspectives, which ensures that the toys they produce transcend geography, customs and cultures. Anyone (and their pet) can enjoy Gigwi!

Gigwi’s approach to toy making is holistic: they carefully research the best materials, develop new ideas and constantly monitor the outcomes of their products. They pursue the highest standards in their production process and are always aiming to improve their products so that both pet owners and pets are satisfied.

Gigwi’s toy collection consists of a wide range of playthings for dogs and cats. From squeakers (which can be muted) to plush toys, natural rubber chew toys, and flying tug toys to keep dogs entertained, as well as refillable catnip toys, feather teasers and even robotic toys that respond to cats’ movements – Gigwi’s extensive catalogue has something for every dog and cat.