Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack

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Whether you love to explore the outdoors, are going on a road trip or need to travel to the vet for a kitty checkup, The Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack is a fun and functional way to transport your feline friend whenever you leave home. The Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack is a uniquely designed cat carrier that will enable you to free up your hands, while evenly distributing the weight across the shoulders, relieving the shoulders, back and wrists from stress and strain. Navigator Pet Backpack is equipped with multiple features that will ensure that your cat has a comfortable, safe and secure trip. Let this Backpack navigate you to transport your feline friend in a more luxurious and exquisite way.

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Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack is a cutting-edge mini pet carrier made from polyester and PVC. It is a stylish yet functional backpack with an ergonomic design to best suit the needs of both you and your cat. The Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack is cleverly fashioned with durable water-resistant fabric to ensure that your cat is kept dry. It even has an attachable battery-operated Mini Fan to emit a soft and gentle breeze. The panels of the Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack are internally padded for your cat’s safety and comfort and the side and roof are fitted with a high-quality black mesh panel which will provide your feline friend with excellent ventilation and an outside view when laying down. At the Top end of the Backpack, there is a 180-degree clear window to allow her a view of the world from a sitting position.  The Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack is a spacious carrier suitable for medium to large cats up to 10kg, allowing your feline enough room to comfortably sit or lay down in. Durable zippers will give you peace of mind when your cat is safely cooped up at your back.
Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack can fold up into 3 parts that fit into one another for easy storage and the bottom part can conveniently be used as a temporary litterbox when needed.
A stylish mini bag that clips securely to the backpack is available as an add-on purchase for additional storage, in case you decide to take treats or toys on the journey.

The Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack is fitted with a personal name tag – letting everyone know that this exclusive bag is the carrier of your most exquisite feline friend. This is truly a backpack suitable for most every adventure.

The Furrytail Navigator Pet Backpack comes in the dimension:
L 33cm x W 28cm x H 40cm.

L 33cm x W 28cm x H 12cm.

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Weight 1 kg
Shipping dimensions 33 × 28 × 40 cm


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Volumetric weight 7.39 kg


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