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Ferplast is a European supplier of a whole catalogue of pet housing, bedding, accessories and care equipment. They have production sites in Italy, Slovakia and Ukraine, and have been making pets’ lives more comfortable for 50 years! The company’s founder started what would become Ferplast, making bird cages for hunters’ purposes. Since the market for these cages was very small, he decided to make bird cages for domestic birds, which included plastic components like cage bottoms and feeders. In the seventies, he added a few accessories for dogs and cats, and by the nineties, the company’s focus was on providing comfort for all pets.

By 2005, Ferplast’s slogan, ‘New Pet Generation’, encapsulated what the company was about: recognising the relationship between humans and their pets, and ensuring that Ferplast can make “an ever-growing number of pets and their owners happier and more comfortable”.

Ferplast’s extensive catalogue of pet supplies for dogs, cats, small pets, birds, fish and reptiles is based on a culture of commitment, innovation and evolution to suit the pet market as it grows and changes.