Dr Zoo

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Dr Zoo originated in Australia and the brand was developed by the same team of people who created MooGoo Skin Care for humans. Apparently the humans let MooGoo know that they were using their products on their itchy pets and getting great relief, so Dr Zoo was created with the same philosophy behind the pet brand – they simply adjusted the pH  levels of the products to be more appropriate for pets.

The Dr Zoo pet products are 100% natural. And, since many pets may accidentally ingest shampoos and skincare products, these products are non-toxic and safe, should your pet happen to swallow some. They are free from SLS, synthetic preservatives and other toxic chemicals, and full of nourishing ingredients that will care for your pet’s skin.

Dr Zoo products include calming shampoos and conditioners, skin balm for irritable skins, butter balm for nose and toes, bug spray to deter pests, sun cream, dry shampoo and other grooming products for pet people.