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Beeztees is a pet specialist brand that manufactures pet accessories and toys for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and fish. Their mission is to make the lives of pets and their owners as pleasant as possible, continuously designing and creating new products for pets for the last 45 years. The Beeztees focus on pleasure and fun is complemented by health and safety, to ensure that pets live long and happy lives. The brand is committed to toys and products that are innovative, original, active and fun.

For cats, the Beeztees Cat Cube comes in various formats: Dinner, Scratch, Play and Sleeper. For dogs, the toy collection seems unlimited, with various toys for dogs based on size and activity. The Beeztees dog toys are made from durable rubber, suitable for even the most enthusiastic jaws. The whole range of toys encourages training and play between owner and pet, providing endless fun as well as dental control.