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Anima-Strath is the animal version of the popular Bio-Strath supplement, which has been adding vital nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support human health since 1961. Anima-Strath performs the same function for animals. Made in Switzerland, yet perfectly healthy for South Africa’s pets of all shapes and sizes, Anima-Strath is a nutritional supplement aimed at improving the health and overall wellbeing of pets, livestock and even bees! The local Anima-Strath South Africa headquarters are located in Drummond, KwaZulu-Natal, from which their 100% natural products are locally distributed.

Anima-Strath comes in two formulas, elixir and granules, both of which are suitable for any and all animals at all stages of life. Made from ‘friendly’ yeast and a variety of plant extracts, this supplement boosts and balances all the organs and systems in the animal’s body for better health and longer life. Whether the application is to maintain general wellbeing or to provide animals with an immune or recovery boost after surgery, illness or stress, Anima-Strath supports animal health.