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ZippyPaws® is an American brand of dog toys that’s focused on fun, playful and colourful pet toys. Co-founder of ZippyPaws, Jen, leveraged her family’s 20 years in pet product manufacturing to create a unique brand of pet toys, which was also underpinned by her strong design background. Cue a range of very colourful, very squeaky, durable and fun pet toys that any dog will love. Each toy is considered a character and is designed with personality and manufactured with high quality materials that are stitched with care. ZippyPaws’ focus on quality and durability of their toys has your dog’s health and safety in mind.

The ZippyPaws product range is all about fun and imagination. The colourful characters come with squeakers that can be activated in different ways. The Burrow characters are extra cute because each burrow is a toy, but the little animals and characters inside each burrow create an interactive experience for your dog. Choose from the ZippyPaws range to suit your pup’s personality and your affinity for playtime with your dog.