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Showing all 12 results

Yeowww! have a wide range of catnip-stuffed toys that are filled to the seams with the best organically grown catnip. The toys are sturdily made, although Yeowww! encourage pet owners to allow their cats to ‘let rip’ on the toys and if they do get torn, to simply sew the toys shut once more.

“Yeowww!”® toys contain no strings, wires or any plastic eyes that could potentially harm cats – they are creatively simple and considered very safe. Cats go mad for the top-quality catnip inside the toys, which can also be purchased separately if cat owners need more for their feline friends.

“Yeowww!”® toys are so named because of cats’ phenomenal reaction to the catnip inside the toys. Yeowww!’s commitment to only the best, freshest, organically grown catnip means super value and an unbeatable product in a strong, high-quality cotton twill that is able to withstand a lot of biting, scratching, bunny-kicking and salivating – the ultimate reaction to “Yeowww!”® toys.