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Westerman’s Small Suet Ball Cage

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With this Westerman’s Small Suet Ball Cage you can serve your homemade suet for birds in a neat and tidy cage specially designed to hold bird suet.

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Are you looking for a less dirty, more manageable way to feed suet snacks to your garden birds? Then Westerman’s Small Suet Ball Cage is the ideal accessory to add to your bird feeding station and a creative way to display your suet for birds.

This black paint coated Westerman’s Small Suet Ball Cage is designed to hold two small suet balls and the metal bars have been spaced in such a way that birds can freely feed through them. The cage can accommodate 2-3 birds at a time.  

You can make homemade suet balls using our range of Wild Bird Seeds and garden bird seeds. Alternatively, you can place fruits that birds can easily nibble on through the cage.

To use, simply open the top of the Suet Ball Cage and place your suet for birds or fruit treats inside the cage and close it and hang it on the desired spot in your bird feeding station.

Make sure to regularly replace the feed in your small suet ball and wipe it clean with a wet cloth and let it dry before placing new feed and hanging it again.

Dimensions 10 × 10 cm






Specifically designed to accommodate 2 – 3 pigeon-sized birds.

Feeding Guidelines/ Usage

Hang in your bird feeding stations.

Steel Cage


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