Westerman’s Rabbit Food Value Tub


The Westerman’s Rabbit Food Value Tub is specially developed for your fluffy rabbit’s nutritional needs. Available in a handy 7.5 kg, sealable tub. Feed your pet-cuteness the Westerman’s Rabbit Food Value Tub for a healthy, content bunny.

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Did you know that if a rabbit’s ears are close together, facing upwards and pointing outwards, the rabbit is likely to be relaxed and happy? If your rabbit lies down or stretches out, it can indicate that Thumper feels at ease and don’t perceive any immediate dangers. Rabbits can take various positions when they’re feeling content – they may tuck their legs under their bodies or lie down with their front paws pointing forward and rear legs stuck out sideways. They can even fully extend their bodies and stretch out their back legs while pointing their front paws forward.

The Westerman’s Rabbit Food Value Tub has all the nutritional rabbit-needing-goodness that a healthy well-fed rabbit needs.

Note: A good idea is to always provide fresh vegetables and natural hay daily along with your bunny rabbit’s pellets.

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Weight 7.5 kg






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  • All the nutritional goodness in one tub;
  • Seal-able tub to keep pellets fresher for longer.


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