Westerman’s Gold Standard Premium Breeding Pigeon Food


Westerman’s Gold Standard Premium Breeding Pigeon Food contains less maize and more peas to ensure that pigeons don’t leave any grains behind after feeding. It can be fed to your pigeons all year round.

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Westerman’s Gold Standard Premium Breeding Pigeon Food is specially formulated in Belgium. The hand-selected seeds and grains are professionally cleaned multiple times. Up to 30 seeds and grain are used in these mixes at any one time. Westerman’s Gold Standard Premium Breeding Pigeon Food seeds and grains are sourced only from reputable suppliers worldwide to keep the quality and consistency the same all year round. These seeds and grains are blended and mixed in one facility where lactic acid is added to kill all unwanted and undesirable bacteria. Any dust or husk that might have remained are then passed through a final sieving stage to remove impurities.

Westerman’s Gold Standard is a trusted brand and can be fed to all your birds at any stage – whether young, breeding, moulting or competing pigeons.

Available in a 20 kg bag.

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Weight 20 kg






  • Dunn Peas;
  • Green Peas;
  • Lentils;
  • Maple Peas;
  • Mung Beans;
  • Paddy Rice;
  • Wheat;
  • Safflower;
  • Yellow Maize Cribbs;
  • Vetches;
  • White Sorghum;
  • Yellow Peas.


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