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TICKLESS® is a range of chemical-free parasite-repellent devices for cats and dogs. The TICKLESS® products are manufactured in Budapest, Hungary, by innovation company ProtectONE. Their aim is to offer pet owners and families an environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable parasite-fighting solution to keep pets and their people safe from ticks, fleas and mites. ProtectONE products are currently sold in 52 countries on five continents.

The TICKLESS® range of effective devices for the repelling of ticks, fleas and mites are completely harmless to humans and pets, but effective against pests because of their state-of-the-art technology. The secret is in the ultrasonic technology that emits a pulse that disrupts parasites’ orientation, driving them away from your pets. The innovation of ProtectONE products is visible in their constantly expanding product offering as well as their growing accolades and awards in the design field.

In South Africa, TICKLESS® is distributed by pet company McMac.