Therioderm Paw Butter For Dogs


Is your dog experiencing discomfort from itchy paws, hot spots, dry skin, constant licking, or interdigital cysts? Look no further than Therioderm Paw Butter For Dogs. This incredible product not only provides a solution for these issues but also offers a unique chance to bond with your furry friend. By massaging the Paw Butter into their paw pads, you can offer them physical relief while deepening your connection. Embrace this special moment to show your dog love and care while improving their overall well-being!

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Introducing Therioderm Paw Butter For Dogs, a natural and non-toxic solution that deeply moisturises and protects your dog’s paws, including the often-neglected areas between their toes. This balm is enriched with essential oils that discourage excessive licking, promoting faster healing and preventing further damage. It is safe for long-term use and provides effective relief for paw injuries such as cherry toe while also promoting overall paw health. Additionally, it effectively combats fungal, yeast, and bacterial infections.

Pet owners will love TherioDerm Paw Butter for several reasons:

  • It is plant-based essential oils and beeswax;
  • Natural and gentle formula;
  • 100% biodegradable;
  • It is not tested on animals.

Therioderm is dedicated to natural healing, and their Paw Butter reflects this commitment. It is a 100% chemical-free solution that supports healthy skin.

Therioderm Paw Butter For Dogs comes in a convenient 100 ml container.

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The ingredients include pure plant-based essential oils and beeswax, ensuring a natural and gentle formula.

How to use

Apply it to clean paws; there are no additional steps required.


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