Therioderm Impact Paw Rub For Dogs and Cats


Introducing Therioderm Impact Paw Rub For Dogs and Cats, a natural remedy to heal and provide relief for open wounds, cuts, and skin irritations in your pet. It’s formulated with gentle ingredients like coconut and lavender oils, which work in harmony to soothe and nourish the skin. The best part is that it’s safe for long-term use and free from harsh chemicals or additives. It’s a comforting solution that helps your furry friend heal faster and keeps their skin healthy and beautiful!

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Introducing Therioderm Impact Paw Rub For Dogs and Cats, a specially formulated solution that addresses harsh skin conditions on and around your pet’s paws. This rub is carefully designed to deliver targeted relief and support precisely where your pet needs it the most.

Therioderm Impact Paw Rub features a unique combination of double the amount of active ingredients and a light oil base. This makes it easy to apply and quickly absorbed, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Your pet will experience powerful relief without any discomfort.

Crafted with care and love for your beloved dogs and cats, Therioderm Impact Paw Rub is free from harsh chemicals. It contains 100% pure essential oils, plant-based oils, and nourishing plant extracts. These natural ingredients provide gentle care and soothing support to your pet’s paws, aiming to improve their overall comfort and well-being.

The potent blend of active ingredients in Impact Paw Rub actively aids in the healing process of tough infections and open wounds. It also promotes healthy blood flow and assists in the recovery of challenging skin conditions.

Give your furry friends the care they deserve with Therioderm Impact Paw Rub. This reliable solution is specifically formulated to support their paw health and promote their overall happiness.

Therioderm Impact Paw Rub For Dogs and Cats is available in a convenient 50 ml plastic bottle in a liquid form, making it easy to apply and use.

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  • 100% Organic
  • Made with pure essential oils
  • Plant-based Oils


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