Therioderm Eardrops For Dogs


If your dog is experiencing ear infections and skin problems on their face, Therioderm Eardrops for Dogs is here to help! Specially formulated for dogs, these eardrops can be applied inside their ears and on the surrounding skin. They work effectively to address ear-related issues while being gentle and safe for the sensitive skin on their face. Bid farewell to ear troubles and give your furry friend much-needed relief with this trusted Eardrops For Dogs!

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Therioderm Eardrops For Dogs are specifically designed to address common ear issues in dogs, including mites, yeast, bacterial or fungal infections. These eardrops provide relief from itching, redness, and swelling while promoting overall ear health. They are made with safe ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals, making them an excellent choice for pet owners who prefer natural and gentle remedies for their furry friends.

Here’s how to use Therioderm Eardrops For Dogs:

  1. Dry skin on the earflap: Apply the eardrops directly to your dog’s skin in the affected area.
  2. Removing excess wax from the ears: Gently clean the ears with a tissue to help remove any buildup.
  3. Unpleasant odour in the ear: Use a tissue to clean the ear and freshen it up gently.

Therioderm Eardrops For Dogs come in a convenient 50 ml plastic bottle, making them easy to apply and use.

Give your dog the care they deserve with these practical and pet-friendly eardrops!

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Directions for use

Pour a few drops of Therioderm Eardrops For Dogs at a time into the ear canal and massage lightly behind the dog’s ear. You can apply eardrops onto the ear flap if necessary.


  • Plant base oils
  • Pure essential oils
  • 100% organic


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