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The importance of pet grooming

Pet grooming

As pet owners, we work hard to ensure that our furry friends are as warm during the winter months as they would be in summer months. It is for this reason that our pets’ coats are the last thing we think about cutting and grooming during winter. If it keeps them warm then surely it is doing its job or is it?

Why it is important to groom in winter

Grooming your pets in winter is just as important as it is during hot summer days. As pet owners, we often make the mistake of thinking that our pet’s coat should be left untouched during winter, as it protects them from the cold. Truth is, a coat that is uncared for suffers a lot of damage and a damaged coat cannot protect your pet against cold weather or protect their skin against infections.

By helping your pet maintain their healthy coat throughout all seasons, you help them better regulate their own temperature. Grooming is not only so that your pets could look good, but is also crucial for their health.  

Professional Grooming vs. Grooming at Home

Choosing to take your pets to professional groomers might seem like the smarter choice, but grooming at home could be just as beneficial as taking your pets to professional groomers. The upside of taking your pet to professional groomers is that you will be at ease knowing that your four-legged friend will be groomed thoroughly, with a decreased possibility of injury.

Grooming your pet at home is also beneficial in the sense that it gives you an opportunity to bond with your pets and make them grow accustomed to being groomed. Grooming your pets at home also gives you the opportunity to see which grooming routine works best for them and what products are best for their skin and coat. Grooming at home is also much cheaper than taking your pets to professional groomers.

When and How to groom

Although it may seem like grooming is best left for weekly or monthly periods, it is actually an everyday process. Frequent brushing is good to help stimulate your pets’ hair follicles. Tools like the Salon Grooming Combo Comb and Mould Stoppa and the Rosewood Self-Cleansing Slicker Brush are ideal for both dogs and cats and are good for everyday brushing to ensure that your pets’ follicles are stimulated. Frequent brushing also decreases shedding and the likelihood of your pet’s hair tangling.

The second, and most important step, in grooming your pets is bathing them. Whether it be with water and shampoo for dogs or dry shampoo and grooming wipes, such as the Earthbath Mango Tango Grooming Wipes for Pets that you can easily and safely use on your cats. Bathing your pets will ultimately ensure that they are not only fresh, clean and smelling good, but that they are rid of harmful bacteria that could possibly infect their skin and coat.

Frequent touch ups are also a very essential part of grooming your pet. With products such as the range of Eye-, Ear-, Facial- and Tushy Wipes offered by Earthbath, you can groom your pet daily and ensure that they are clean until their next bath.

The last step in grooming your pet is by actually grooming, styling and refining your pet’s look. This process entails trimming your pet’s coat accordingly, detangling and refining the facial fur and clipping their nails.

Our range of Rosewood scissors, detanglers, combs, brushes and grooming rubbers are ideal for groom refining and enable you to professionally groom your own pets in the comfort of your own home.

Before attempting to groom your pets, it is essential that you read up on the different practices and processes of grooming. Learn how to groom your pets thoroughly and avoid injuring them in the process.

Make sure you are prepared for the grooming process by purchasing all the necessary tools and products to make sure your pet gets the best before-, during- and after grooming experience.

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