TetraPro Vegetable/Algae Crisps Fish Food


TetraPro Vegetable/Algae Crisps is a highly nutritious premium food for all tropical fish. This multi-crisp fish food offers added Spirulina concentrate. This clever food is ideal for herbivorous fish, such as mollies, certain barbs and gouramis, and Lake Malawi cichlids.

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TetraPro Vegetable/Algae Crisps has a concentrated source of Spirulina for health and increased disease resistance and also features added prebiotics for improved digestion in fish.

The Tetra patented crisp technology is optimised for less waste and clearer, cleaner water. The multi-crisp formulation of TetraPro Vegetable/Algae Crisps delivers better nutrition, much more than flakes, by improved digestibility. It also has the benefit of being formulated in a low heat process which preserves more essential nutrients.

By reducing nitrogen and phosphorus in production, less algae are formed. Solid waste production is also reduced, which makes the aquarium easier to maintain.

TetraPro Vegetable/Algae Crisps are available in 100 ml (18 g) or 500 ml (95 g) bottles.

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Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for herbivorous fish;
  • Enhances fish vitality, colour and lifespan;
  • Spirulina improves health and improves disease resistance;
  • Added prebiotics to improve digestion;
  • Waste is minimised and water is clearer, which makes for easier maintenance of your aquarium.


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