Tetra Tetrapro Energy Multi-Crisps


Your fish only deserves the best and healthiest food out there. Tetra Tetrapro Energy Crisps contains protein, fat and prebiotics that will give your fish improved digestion, a strong immune system and energy to enhance their vitality and metabolism.

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Want to feed your fish the best nutrition there is? Then try Tetra Tetrapro Energy Crisps and make your fish’s day. This complete food contains prebiotics that will give your fish improved digestion, a strong immune system, and energy to enhance their vitality and metabolism. Giving your fish highly nutritious food ensures getting the best feeding experience. Tetra Tetrapro Energy Crisps is made in Germany and has great nutritional value, which is all credited to its gentle, low-heat manufacturing process.

The Tetra Tetrapro Energy Crisps will give your fish vitamin stability and provide you with healthy fish and clean water. These fish food crisps absorb less water than regular flakes, giving your fish the quality it deserves. When your fish eats this, it is provided with an optimised protein/fat ratio that will ensure it can use the protein in its food. This protein will help your fish to build muscle by providing lots of fatty acids for energy generation.

Tetra Tetrapro Energy Crisps promote healthy bacteria in your fish’s internal tract by acting as a preferred food source for the beneficial bacteria. This also minimises water pollution,  giving your fish a happier and healthier life and a great living space.

Tetra Tetrapro Energy Crisps are available in 250 ml (55 g) and 500 ml (110 g).

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