Tetra TabiMin Tablets


Give your bottom-feeding fish a nutritional boost with Tetra’s TabiMin Tablets. Optimal and nutritionally balanced fish food that sinks quickly to feed bottom-feeders and timid fish.

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Bottom-feeding fish are called that for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that your plecos, loaches or catfish shouldn’t be eating superior nutrition over and above their usual tank-cleaning habits.

Tetra TabiMin Tablets offer great nutrition in a tablet form that quickly sinks to the bottom of the tank and then slowly releases nutrients. It’s ideal for timid fish and bottom-feeders that can enjoy their meal without being disturbed by their more gregarious finned friends.

Each bi-coloured tablet contains separate ingredients: the brown half is packed with mineral-enriched algae, while the lighter half is full of fish oil, organic pigments and minerals to give your fish a boost of health, vitality and vibrant colour. Tetra TabiMin also contains shrimp for enhanced taste.

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120 Tablets

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