Tetra Goldfish Weekend Food – 10 Sticks


Tetra Holiday Food Sticks give freedom to fish owners without jeopardising the health and well-being of their fish. Pop them in the tank and enjoy the peace of mind that your fish will get the right nutrients and be healthy and colourful when you return.

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Tetra Holiday and Weekend Food Sticks meet your fish’s feeding requirements even when you’re not there. They are packed with all the nutrients and minerals your fish need to keep them well-fed and healthy until you return.

The food sticks are designed to remain solid in your aquarium for long enough to give your fish adequate nutrition while ensuring there’s no food wastage or contaminated water.

Tetra Holiday and Weekend Food Sticks are offered in the form of sticks, giving you an easy way to accurately provide enough food based on the size of your tank and the number of fish you have. Therefore, you won’t over- or under-feed your fish for the duration of your absence.

These food sticks provide 100% nutrition – there are no unnecessary filler ingredients, no water pollution; only a high proportion of proteins, essential minerals, and proper, healthy fish nutrition.

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