Tetra EX 1200 Plus External Canister Filter

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Your fish deserve to be happy and healthy. Now with the Tetra EX 1200 Plus External Canister Filter they can be. This filter makes sure they get the best quality when it comes to filtered water.

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Having fintastically clear aquarium water is ab-sole-lutely possible with the Tetra EX Plus External Canister Filter range available.

Clear water = healthy water, which means your fish and water plants can live long, healthy lives – their thriving on display in your aquarium. Healthy water also means healthy immune systems and less of a chance of your fish suffering from any parasitic or bacterial illnesses. The ‘secret’ is in Tetra’s filter technology breaking down any excess biological material in the water to maintain balance and clarity.

Features of the Tetra EX 1200 Plus External Canister Filter

  • Ideal for hobby-, medium-, and large aquariums
  • Powerful, but quiet
  • External filter
  • Multi-stage filter
  • Comes with filter materials
  • ‘Plug and play’ technology for quick setup and activation
  • Suction aid kickstarts the filtering process
  • Safety cut-off valves
  • Adjustable joints to easily align hoses
  • Pre-filter function

How does filtering aquarium water work?

Polluted water is run through a five-step process and various filtering media. As the water passes through ceramic filter rings, bio balls, filter foam, carbon filter media and filter floss, particles and dirt are removed and the water is treated to mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. 

Tetra EX 1200 Plus External Canister Filter

  • Suitable for an aquarium with a water capacity of 250 – 500 litres
  • Maximum water flow of 1200 litres per hour

How do you clean an external aquarium filter?

Switch off the valves and disconnect the filter unit. The column of water is retained inside so you don’t need to repeat the suction process when reconnecting the filter to its connection equipment. Each filter cartridge has a handle to make the cleaning and replacing of cartridges and filter media very easy and convenient. 

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