Tetra Cichlid XL Sticks


Tetra’s Cichlid XL Sticks are perfect for large ornamental fish like cichlids, offering complete nutrition that encourages growth and supports colour vibrancy.

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Large ornamental fish in a beautiful tank are an absolute wonder to look at and create a soothing atmosphere in the room, especially if they are healthy and vibrant.

Tetra’s Cichlid XL Sticks are the ideal food for large cichlids as they provide complete nutrition that offers a rich source of protein to promote growth, as well as all the right nutrients to enliven the colours of ornamental fish.

Cichlids are omnivorous and would naturally feed on algae and plants, other fish and even their own species. Tetra’s Cichlid XL Sticks provide the same nutritional profile as in the wild and meet the fish’s need for higher animal protein.

Cichlids are top-water feeders, so the Cichlid XL Sticks are designed to float on the water’s surface and encourage the fish to feed as they would in their natural habitat.

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